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YHC Environment and X-TELIA Group join forces to help municipalities

Jun 19, 2019

YHC Environment and X-TELIA Group join forces to help municipalities move towards the Smart City and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Saint-Lambert, June 19, 2019 - YHC Environment a consulting firm specializing in environmental and energy issues, announces a strategic partnership with X-TELIA Group, a Quebec-based company that operates a network dedicated to connected objects and buildings based on LoRa technology. For over 20 years, YHC Environment has been committed to continuing to bring the latest technological advances to its municipal clients, particularly in relation to the shift towards the smart city.

Exploring new ways of doing things

This promising partnership will provide municipalities with new technologies, tools and systems to help them optimise the environmental management of assets and to cope with the challenges of weather and climate events.

The systems and applications that will be developed with the support of LoRa technology by YHC Environnements will allow municipalities to manage specific environmental issues "live":

"Over the past few years, our work has led us to develop several innovative concepts for Quebec and Canadian municipalities and their communities to improve their environmental and economic performance. The development of new tools and systems through our collaboration with X-TELIA will allow municipalities to consolidate the green shift towards the smart city and thus be better equipped to face the many environmental issues," said Yves Hennekens, founding president of YHC Environment.

"X-TELIA is pleased to partner with YHC Environment and make available to its municipal customers its wireless network designed specifically for smart city and mobility applications. This partnership will allow us to work together to develop new solutions to make cities smarter while allowing them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions," said Eric Bourbeau, President and co-founder of X-TELIA Group in Longueuil. "There are huge opportunities in water and water meter management, smart waste management, smart parking, air and water quality, asset management, etc. ยป

About YHC Environment

YHC Environment is one of the first companies in Quebec to have developed analysis tools in the field of greenhouse gas emissions, in the search for practical, profitable and viable solutions, in the improvement of energy efficiency and carbon footprint for the municipal sector as well as for companies operating in the private sector. YHC Environment works on the development of new concepts to improve the environmental and economic performance of communities, the implementation of innovative green technologies and in the production of renewable energy. For more information, please contact

About the X-TELIA Group

X-TELIA Group Inc. is a Quebec-based company that operates a next-generation wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things and supports businesses and cities that want to deploy applications that require highly secure, low-cost, low-power long-range connectivity. X-TELIA offers the Quebec market solutions proven elsewhere in the world and leading-edge expertise to facilitate the shift to the Internet of Things. The X-TELIA network is specifically designed to support new applications that make cities smarter, industry more efficient and citizens safer. For more information on the possibilities of LoRa technology for the smart city: