X-TANK - The leading solution for reliable tank level monitoring

Maximize your operational efficiency with our advanced X-TANK tank level monitoring solution

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Presentation of the solution

X-TANK: The state-of-the-art solution for tank level monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring

X-TANK allows you to remotely monitor your tank levels in real time, giving you complete visibility of your inventory and allowing you to act quickly if needed.

Quick return on investment

By reducing unnecessary truck travel, X-TANK pays for itself quickly and generates significant operational efficiencies and cost savings, while reducing carbon emissions. This allows you to maximize your profitability by reducing operating costs and improving your environmental impact.

Enhanced security

Real-time tank level monitoring helps prevent overflows, spills and other safety hazards. With accurate and reliable tank level data, you can keep your operations and personnel safe, while reducing the risk of environmental damage. X-TANK gives you peace of mind when it comes to safety.


X-TANK monitors your tank levels wirelessly in real time, thanks to advanced sensors and a user-friendly platform. Reduce your operating costs by avoiding unnecessary truck movements and emergency refills. Optimize your operations and boost your bottom line by continuously monitoring the level of your fuel, water or other liquid tanks.

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Technical data

Download our X-TANK platform datasheet

Get all the essential details on our X-TANK solution in one comprehensive document by downloading our datasheet today.

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Technical specifications

Main features

Main features

Real-time remote monitoring: X-TANK provides real-time remote tank level monitoring with easy-to-deploy wireless battery-powered sensors. Battery life over 10 years.

User-friendly platform: The X-TANK platform is user-friendly and easy to use, providing an intuitive user experience and clear visualization of tank level data.

Tank Level Alerts: X-TANK's tank level alerts allow you to receive real-time notifications when the tank level reaches a critical threshold.

Mobile access: X-TANK is accessible from a mobile device, allowing you to monitor and manage your tanks remotely.

Easy integration: X-TANK can be easily integrated into your existing systems for more efficient and transparent tank level management.

Inventory Management: X-TANK allows you to track and manage your tank inventory in real time, making it easier to plan maintenance and supply.

Adaptability: X-TANK is suitable for a variety of tanks, including those of different sizes and shapes, providing a flexible tank level monitoring solution to meet your needs.

Enhanced Security: X-TANK uses advanced encryption technology to ensure the security of tank level monitoring data, and the data is hosted in a world-class data center.

X-TANK puts you in control

Come see why more and more companies are choosing X-TANK to track their tank levels.

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