X-O - Water meter reading reinvented.
More data.
More control. Less waste.

Compatible with most brands of water meters, and with LoRaWAN or cellular fixed network communication, as well as with drive-by or manual reading solutions, X-O lets you take control of your water distribution.

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Introducing THE solution

Introducing X-O: the open and universal water meter management platform


X-O's hardware-independent design and open standards make it easy to integrate with any existing system, offering maximum flexibility and compatibility.

X-O can accept readings from fixed LoRaWAN or cellular networks, reading files from drive-by solutions, or even manual readings.

X-O can even ingest bulk historical meter reading data, all your meter fleet information, and even photos and files.

LoRaWAN connectivity

X-O is compatible with LoRaWAN meter interface units, for water meters with an encoded or pulse interface, allowing for exceptional signal penetration into basements or pits, ultra-low power consumption and 20 years battery life. LoRaWAN is the most cost-effective wireless continuous meter reading technology on the market.

Real-time monitoring

X-O's intelligence and advanced real-time monitoring capabilities give you a complete view of water consumption, enabling you to track consumption patterns and identify any problems before they become major issues.

Email or text message notifications can be automatically generated when the intelligent system detects an anomaly.

Data ownership

X-O is one of the only non-proprietary water meter management solutions on the market, giving you total control over your data and ensuring that you are never locked into a meter reading solution. This means you always have access to the information you need, and can use it as you see fit. It's your data, after all.


X-O is a state-of-the-art platform for managing water distribution. Its user-friendly interface, secure and intelligent data management and great flexibility make it the platform of choice for any city, municipality or utility wishing to be more proactive in managing a fleet of water meters. With advanced real-time monitoring features, X-O offers a comprehensive view of water consumption over time and instant notifications when something is not quite right.

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The X-O solution now allows us to be much more proactive in managing our water meters. Thanks to the dashboard and alarms, we are really in control and we leave nothing to chance.

Renaud Ouellet


Technical and Environmental Services
City of Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada

Some customers using
X-O to read water meters

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Technical data

Download the X-O platform data sheet

Get all the essential details about our X-O platform in one comprehensive document by downloading our data sheet today.

Download the data sheet

Technical specifications

Main features

Main features

Compatible with most water meter manufacturers' meters and flowmeters with encoded or pulsed interfaces. 

Compatible with LoRaWAN, cellular, drive-by and manual reading modes.

Visual control of meter status: display water meters on a multi-level map (city, neighborhood, building, unit and meter), intuitive meter status icon with tooltip.

Identify major water users at a glance, and generate comprehensive graphs revealing water usage trends.

Secure end-user dashboard 

10 different types of alarms: Real-time notification of many possible problems by e-mail or text message.

Secure 24/7 access to data: all meter reading histories available at your fingertips, hosted on AWS including a powerful free API.

Generate customized water usage reports (Excel or CSV format), easy to integrate into your billing system.

Access your raw data directly in a non-proprietary format.

Store photos and files and upload manual or drive-by readings .

Compatible with most LoRaWAN network servers including: X-TELIA, Actility, Senet, Orbiwise, Loriot, Tektelic, Chirpstack

X-O puts you in control

Come see why more and more cities and utilities are choosing X-O to manage their water meters.

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