Our network

Deployed in a large number of cities in Quebec, in the rest of Canada, and elsewhere in the world for municipal, industrial and commercial applications. Enables the deployment of a wide range of solutions to make cities smarter, businesses more efficient and citizens safer.

The X-TELIA network

The X-TELIA network is a wireless network designed specifically for connected objects. It is a carrier-class network, meaning that it is managed end-to-end by X-TELIA, 24 hours a day, and its components are ultra-robust to ensure performance and robustness to the highest standards.

Core network hosted at AWS in Quebec.

Communication between the sensor and the core network is doubly encrypted from end to end.

Compatible with sensors from thousands of manufacturers, respecting the LoRaWAN standard.


LoRaWAN messages per year


Available sensor models


To be determined

Extended network

X-TELIA also offers its customers access to its extensive network, available in over 38,000 cities worldwide. This extended network connectivity is provided seamlessly through partner networks in a roaming mode, as seen in the cellular world.

Communications between the sensor and our core network are doubly encrypted from end to end.

Sensor authentication and message decryption is done exclusively in our network core.

Allows international coverage with local control.

Solutions available on our network

Our applications and solutions

Smart Cities

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Smart Buildings

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SMART Agriculture

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Industrial IoT (IIoT)

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