about us

The X-TELIA network was launched in 2016 by entrepreneurs in Quebec who were eager to bring a new generation of technologies and applications to the businesses, cities and citizens of their province. Analysts around the world believe these technologies will change the world, for the better.


X-TELIA specialises in the Internet of Things. It deploys and operates a wireless network designed specifically for connected objects, and develops applications of all kinds taking advantage of the low energy consumption, long range and high security of its network. The X-TELIA network is based on LoRa® technology and its LoRaWAN® communication protocol, developed by an international association of more than 500 companies: the LoRa-Alliance®, of which X-TELIA is the only Quebec-based member. LoRa® technology has now become a universal standard for the Internet of Things.
LoRaWAN® networks are currently being deployed nationwide in over 160 countries including the United States, France, England, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, China and Australia.


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