X-PARQ - the future of intelligent parking solutions

Discover the future of smart parking solutions with X-PARQ's triple sensing and counting wireless sensors

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Presentation of the solution

X-PARQ: The state-of-the-art intelligent parking solution

Increased revenue for parking lot operators

X-PARQ's customizable parameters and real-time occupancy information allow operators to optimize parking management and increase revenues.

Improved parking efficiency

X-PARQ's real-time detection and counting technology allows drivers to quickly find available parking spaces, reducing the time and frustration often associated with parking.

Reduction of traffic jams

By guiding drivers to available parking spaces, X-PARQ can help reduce traffic congestion, reduce GHG emissions and help traffic flow more smoothly.

Return on investment

X-PARQ's energy-efficient design and easily movable battery-powered sensors make it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for parking lot operators, helping to promote a more sustainable future.


X-PARQ is an advanced smart parking solution that integrates next-generation wireless detection and counting sensors with triple detection technology for even greater accuracy and reliability. With its advanced technology, X-PARQ can detect or count vehicles in real time, including bi-directional counting for accurate parking occupancy tracking, even in remote locations.

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Technical data

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Get all the essential details on our X-PARQ platform in one comprehensive document by downloading our datasheet today.

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Technical specifications

Main features

Main features

Real-time vehicle detection and counting: up-to-date parking occupancy information at your fingertips.

Bi-directional counting: accurate tracking of vehicles entering and leaving parking lots with bi-directional entrances.

Next-generation triple technology detection: buried wireless sensors use a combination of three vehicle detection technologies to accurately detect or count vehicles entering, exiting or parking.

Wireless and battery-powered deployment: easy and cost-effective installation without a local power source for flexible implementation

Easily removable sensors: quick and convenient maintenance and battery replacement for minimal disruption of parking operations.

Cloud-based management dashboard: intuitive, user-friendly interface for easy parking lot monitoring and management, providing real-time information and analytics for more effective decision-making.

Seamless integration with third-party systems: X-PARQ easily integrates with existing parking management systems or third-party applications, enabling simplified parking management and a more convenient user experience.

Real-time alerts: Instant notifications of parking problems, such as sensor malfunctions or overcapacity, allowing for quick resolution and minimal disruption to parking operations.

Extreme weather protection, including snow and extreme cold: Rugged, heavy-duty design capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable and accurate parking data collection even in the most challenging environments.

Easy sensor removal and relocation: Protect your investment and maximize flexibility with effortless sensor removal and relocation, simplifying reconfiguration or parking lot resurfacing projects.

X-PARQ puts you in control

Discover the benefits of X-PARQ for simplified parking management and join the growing number of organizations that choose our solution for efficient and reliable parking operations.

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