Smart Buildings


New technologies to make buildings smarter, more energy efficient, and safer for the people who work and live in them.

SOLUTIONS + sensors

Smart meeting rooms / workspace management

Measuring the occupancy and booking of meeting rooms. Measurement of workstation occupancy. Real-time air quality monitoring, including CO2 levels. Presence detection.

Indoor air quality - CO2

To help organizations ensure the health of their employees and customers, X-TELIA offers solutions to measure CO2 levels in the air, which is an indicator to counter the spread of COVID-19. Measuring indoor air quality helps reduce the impact of volatile pollutants on employee productivity and health.

BMS integration and preventive maintenance

Solutions for interfacing LoRa wireless sensors with a wide range of building management systems via interfaces such as MQTT, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, BACnet IP, BACnet IP Server, M-Bus, wM-Bus, KNX S/LTE, LON FT10, LON IP-852, LPB, Diematic. Sensors that detect motor wear, power failures, energy consumption.

Security and control 

Detection of presence in rooms, movement, brightness, etc. Alarm button for isolated workers.

Connected hygiene solutions

Connected dispensers for antibacterial gel, soap, hand paper or toilet paper allow you to know in real time the level of the dispensers and never run out of product. Usage statistics also allow for the optimization of human resources in charge of filling the dispensers. Anonymous survey solutions to measure satisfaction and cleanliness of toilets or other public places.


Locating people and assets inside buildings, factories, hangars, tunnels. People counting is also part of X-TELIA's offer.

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