New LoRaWAN weather stations

With climate change, it's more important than ever to be able to measure the impact of the weather on your environment. X-TELIA introduces a new line of high-precision mini weather stations that are both rugged and easy to install or move. No need for electricity or cellular service. LoRaWAN communication can transmit data up to 15 km in rural areas and 5 km in cities. The data is stored locally in case of network failure. Indeed, the weather station can store up to 19,000 readings and transmit them to the network when it is available.

Temperature: Thermistor reading, accuracy ± 0.3°C, resolution: 0.1°C

Humidity: Capacitive humidity sensor, accuracy ± 3% RH, resolution: 0.5% RH

Wind direction: Ultrasonic measurement, accuracy ± 3°, resolution: 0.1°.

Wind speed: Ultrasonic measurement, 0 - 60 m/s, accuracy ±0.3 m/s or ±3%, resolution: 0.1 m/s

Pluie: Lecture piézoélectrique, 0 - 500 mm, précision de ±0.5 mm (< 10 mm), ±5% (>10 mm), résolution 0.01 mm

Atmospheric pressure: Piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor, 500 - 1100 hPa, accuracy ±0.5 hPa, res: 0.1 hPa

X-TELIA is a Canadian technology company specializing in Internet of Things and LoRaWAN solutions. It supports companies and cities that want to deploy wireless applications based on highly secure, low-cost and low-power long-range connectivity. X-TELIA offers solutions that have been proven elsewhere in the world, as well as leading-edge expertise to facilitate the shift to the Internet of Things. X-TELIA also operates a next-generation wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things, specifically designed to support new applications that make cities smarter, industry more efficient and citizens safer.

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