Hourly reading for over 20 years


New wireless interface for reading water meters


Here it is at last! Our new LoRaWAN wireless water meter reading interface, with one reading per hour for over 20 years. Why one reading per hour? Because it provides rich reading data to detect leaks, measure the impact of awareness campaigns, enforce watering regulations, and much more. All kinds of alarms let you know as soon as a problem occurs. You can even be alerted if the building's heating system breaks down in winter, before the pipes freeze. Click to download the X-MIU20 product sheet.

X-TELIA is a Canadian technology company specializing in Internet of Things and LoRaWAN solutions. It supports companies and cities that want to deploy wireless applications based on highly secure, low-cost and low-power long-range connectivity. X-TELIA offers solutions that have been proven elsewhere in the world, as well as leading-edge expertise to facilitate the shift to the Internet of Things. X-TELIA also operates a next-generation wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things, specifically designed to support new applications that make cities smarter, industry more efficient and citizens safer.

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