New LoRaWAN® network coverage analysis tool

Oct 22, 2020

At the request of its customers, X-TELIA has developed a powerful LoRaWAN coverage analysis tool that allows each message sent from a vehicle GPS to be displayed on a map as a green, yellow or red dot, depending on whether the received signal strength was strong, medium or weak.

The tool allows the quality of coverage to be viewed over a given time period, allowing before and after comparisons to be made when adding gateways to improve network coverage. For each point displayed on the map, it is also possible to see which gateway received the message with the greatest strength.

Whether you have your own private LoRa network or use X-TELIA's network, this solution allows you to know precisely the quality of the network coverage, and to identify where you have coverage problems.

The tool is available as a service. Contact us for more details.