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Quebec riverside towns will be better prepared to handle flooding this spring

Oct 8, 2019

Riverfront cities in Quebec will be better prepared to manage flooding this spring thanks to LoRaWAN technology.X-TELIA X-TELIA has just released its new river level sensor. The wireless device (LoRaWAN) can run on batteries for up to 20 years, without recharging or replacing batteries. Instead of having to go to the river several times a day and night to see if the water has risen, the municipal employees concerned will now receive alerts on their smartphones as soon as the water level has reached a critical threshold. Citizens can therefore be notified quickly to avoid any danger. LoRaWAN technology is less expensive and consumes 2.5 times less energy than LTE-M, which has just been launched in Canada by certain mobile operators. It is without doubt the ideal technology for Smart Cities that want to read water or gas meters, track fleets of vehicles or non-motorized assets, detect sewer overflows, measure air quality, etc...