SmartCity: A first in Canada

March 1, 2018

In order to support a smart city application for snow removal management, the X-TELIA Group extended the coverage of its Canadian LoRaWAN™ network to a suburb of Montreal (Quebec) at the end of 2017.

The city had issued a call for tenders for the purchase of variable-message, wireless, panneausolar powered “no parking ” signs.  Kalitec, the sign manufacturer having won the tender, partnered with X-TELIA to “connect” its panels to the LoRaWAN network, as well as to develop a user-friendly Web management interface.

“These signs are part of complementary tools provided by the city to support the new regulations allowing night parking in the streets.” says the Project Manager Traffic and Utilities for the city.

“The signs, installed at the main entrances of the city, allow us to inform citizens of a snow removal operation underway in the area.”

The application allows the city to program signs in advance and choose the message that will be displayed on each sign for a given period of time.

Capture d’écran 2018-03-12 à 16.07.15.png

The signs and the application communicate on a regular basis via the X-TELIA network which allows the application to confirm that every sign has received its programming and is active. In addition, the vital signs of each sign, such as the voltage of the battery are returned to the server allowing the production of graphs and alarms in the management interface’s dashboard.

Capture d_écran 2018-03-01 à 12.11.50

This project is the first of its kind on the new LoRaWAN technology in Canada and provides significant benefits to the city and citizens in the context of snow removal operations. Thanks to the availability of X-TELIA’s LoRaWAN network, the city can now develop many new SmartCity applications making it smarter and more efficient, while generating tangible benefits for its citizens.

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